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The Failure of Anthroposophy in the XXIth Century: Brexit, Europe, and the Triumph of Distrust

Today is a sad day. The majority of the citizens of the European Union and United Kingdom are not at all aware of the scope of what happened just a few hours ago, with the decision in Referendum, by a narrow margin, of the citizens of the United Kingdom, to leave the European Union.
brexitThe EU was and is far from being perfect. Even more so, is deeply imperfect. It lacks appropriate  democratic mechanisms and effective governance processes, and above all, in the past decade , it has lost the ability to give answers and to create enthusiasm in the citizens of the various countries.  member of it. And this is a good part of the reason why British citizens, especially those older than 50 years, have voted «leave». Because, quite simply, the EU was for them, something they perceived not close, important, or simply beneficial.
But the fact that they do not perceive it does not mean that it wasn’t so. It means, that it benefits were «way beyond» thee scope of their immediate perception.
To this problem, or better said, in relation to the same, joins the problem of emerging extremisms and nationalisms at the length and breadth of the world. Instead of advancing in the «democratization» of the areas controlled by authoritarian systems (that always are, by definition, extremists and nationalists), has begun to happen otherwise: the democratic world turns nationalist, extremist, and not taking much, it will become authoritarian. Sigue leyendo