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The Spanish Folk Spirit and its possibilities of future development. The mistake of Nationalisms.


I did not want this post to be published before the elections in Catalonia on  November 25th, 2012, as far as they had been raised politically as a validation of the alleged Catalonian sovereigntist route, and so, as the ultimate guarantee for another great independence process in Spain, the process linked to the Basque independence.

Today we yet know that most of the Catalonian people want to be «independent», as far as they have voted by CIU and ERC, but not in the way that the independentista Leader of CIU, Artur Mas, has raised. For, «independence» and «separation» are not necessarily the same thing. One can be independent without isolating, that is, it is possible be independent and, at the same time, maintaining a coexistence with the neighboring communities, in Spain or in any other part of the world. In real life, being independent does not require to isolate oneself from the world, or putting boundaries or signs of any kind, like this IKEA advertising says: «welcome to the independent republic of my home».

All this said, the aim is not to criticize whoever wants to do it so. My point is simpler than that: independence and separation are not at all, the same thing.

That said, and connected with this subject, I would like to go a bit deeper on one aspect that, from the point of view of anthroposophy, has been touched very slightly in Spain. I’m talking about the mission or destiny of the folk spirit of Spain, and its current situation.

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